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Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

Product Description

The double shaft shredder machine is used to shred the solid hard waste plastics for recycling. Due to the two shafts and claw blades design, the shredders are mainly for coarse crushing of kinds of hard waste plastics. 

The double shaft shredder is very efficient for reducing the materials size by shearing, tearing and squeezing process, Therefore, it can improve the working efficiency too much in the whole waste plastic recycling plants.

Application in hard plastic waste field:

Waste plastic bumpers, plastic pallets, plastic drums, plastic buckets, IBC tanks, plastic shells of waste appliances, plastic oil pots and tanks, battery shell, plastic traffic barriers, plastic bottles, thin PE PVC PP plastic pipe, PET PC ABS sheets, SPC floor waste, WPC boards, etc.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

The shredding results by our double shaft shredder machines on plastic bumpers and blue drums:

Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

Reference video 

Please watch the video of double shaft shredder for hard plastic waste on our Youtube Channel.

Consists of the double shaft shredder

1, Feed hopper: As the inlet for feeding waste into the chamber for shredding, deep inlet design is necessary to avoid the materials ejection while shredding.

2, Driving System: powerful motor and reducer are chosen for the shredders, famous brands products with high quality in China, or other famous brands according to your requests, for example, SIEMENS, ABB, etc.

For the motor and reducer connection, you can choose the direct or indirect connnections.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

3, Cutting shredding chamber: two shafts with stationary and rotary blades are installed, thick steel boards are used for making the chamber walls. Different claw blades are optional according to the material conditions and size requirement after shredding.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

4, Discharging units: As usual, the users can choose to connect the belt conveyor under the double shaft shredder for conveying the shredded materials out from the shredder bottom, or let the materials drop to ground directly. Belt conveyor is a better choice on saving labor and automatic working for a whole plastic recycling line.  

5, Machine frame: use thick carbon steel tubes and boards for making the strong machine frame, with anti rust treatment.

6, control cabinet: control the working of the double shaft shredder, easy operation. Famous brands electric components and parts are installed, for example, SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER contactor, SIEMENS PLC module, etc.

Double Shaft Shredder Machine For Shredding Solid Hard Plastic Waste

Is the shredder machine what you are looking for?

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Advantages of MG's double shaft shredders

1, powerful driving system with good quality motors and reducers. For this type of double shaft shredders, the planetary reducers are used for higher efficiency, greater stability, higher torque and larger radial loads, etc.

2, strong two shafts, alloy steel for blades with more hardness, durability, long lifetime

3, specialized design on blades claws, for grabbing and shredding different waste plastics efficiently.

4, heavy strong structure for the shredder, the frame is made of thick steel boards and tube.

5, PLC module for controlling the start, stop, reversion and overload automatic reversion.

6, Easy for removal and replacement of the blades.

7, wide usage for kinds of solid hard plastic waste.

8, quality certificate.


Main Techincal Parameter

Models of double shaft shredders for hard or solid plastic wastes:

Strong Double Shaft Shredder Machine


Why choose us?

1, provide the right shredder models and proposals according to your requirement quickly.

2, professional designs of machine flowchart and workshop layout quickly

3, best quoation for same level shredder machine from China.

4, high machine manufacturing technics and strict quality requirements.

5, complete machine testing to confirm the high performance parameter before shipment.

6, shipment on time. And we can help on ship booking, container loading with good fastening in factory

7, dispatch engineer for after sale service in your company on time   

8, training for machine and operation.

9, technology support all lifetime.


Customer Case

Our plastic recycling machines and extrusion machines have been exported to many countries since 2007, for example, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Ukraine, Serbia, Geogia, Russia, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Sudan, USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, etc.

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