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Strong Efficient Swing Arm Shredder Machine

Product Description

Swing arm shredder is one of the heavy duty single shaft shredding machines. It uses gravity together with hydraulic system to guide waste materials onto the rotating shaft for efficient shredding. The design of swing arm and hydraulic unit drive the pusher to push the materials from top to shaft by a certain arc track, the waste materials can be compacted well to the shaft, and the jumped materials can also drop directly to the shaft position for quick shredding again, And it bring the efficient feeding and large output with less power consumption. Due to the high performance of this swing arm shredder, it has been used widely in the waste recycling industry for kinds of waste materials.


Plastic waste: plastic lumps, plastic film, PP woven bags, jump bags, plastic drums, barrels, tanks, bottles, plastic pallets, shells of household appliances, HDPE PVC PPR pipes, baskets, bins, crates, etc.

Wood waste: logs, pallet, wooden boards and sheets, tree branches, wood boxes, waste furniture, etc.

E-waste: Circuit board, hard disc, waste computer, TV, washing machine, air conditioners, etc.

Rubber waste: Rubber sheet, rubber pad, car tires, rubber tube, rubber rolls, etc.

Waste paper: Cardboard, newspaper, carton box, cardboard tubes, etc

Other: Curtain, clothes, carpet, fiber, aluminum cans, etc


Features of the swing arm shredder

1, swing arm design for efficient material feeding and shredding.

2, one click start design for easy operation.

3, strong shearing and shredding force for high output.

4, auto reverse function by PLC control for overloading protection

5, strong structure with shock absorber for protecting the shredder in long life time.

6, main shaft with good dynamic testing.

7, rotary blades with 4 edges with long life.

8, hard tooth type of reducer and high quality motor ensure the smooth working.

9, deep hopper design for large material feeding and avoid the injure by jumped materials 

10, auto and manual models for operation choice.

11, wide processing range for kinds of waste materials recycling.

12, CE quality standard.

Main Techincal Parameter

Model of swing arm shredder machine

Strong Efficient Swing Arm Shredder Machine


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