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High Quality Plastic Squeezer Machine For PE PP Films And Woven Bag

Product Description

Plastic squeezer machine, with 2020 new design technology, is used to dewater the wet plastic films and woven bags firstly, and granulate the plastic materials directly after dewatering.

The plastic squeezer machine has wide usage for kinds of LDPE HDPE PP waste plastic films and woven bags, for example, package films, agricultural films, greenhouse films, plastic shop bags, fresh keeping film bags, garbage bags, hand bags, vest bags and pp woven bags, etc. With The advanced configuration, PET films can be squeezed now.

By the plastic squeezer granulating machine, the final moisture of materials can be less the 5%, and the material volume can be reduced 50% at least by the semi-plasticizing granulating. It's more convenient for reuse, storage and transportation. 

In the waste plastic film recycling factories, the plastic squeezer machine can replace the centrifugal dewatering machine and electrical dryer of the PP PE film washing line, and cut compactor of pelletizing line is not necessary also. 

By the real using feedback, the plastic squeezer machine can save 30~40% power consumption at least for same capacity requests of plastic film washing line and plastic film pelletizing line.

It's an important machine in the waste plastic film recycling industry.


Advantage of plastic squeezer machine in MG Machinery:

1, both dewatering and granulating functions by one time processing. 

2, high dewatering rate, final moisture less than 5%.

3, good semi-plasticizing, no effect to material quality in the after process like pelletizing.

4, wide usage for kinds of plastic films and bags.

5, horizontal reducer, big torque for screw pressing squeezing.

6, 38CrMoAlA barrel and screw, wear resistant, long lifetime.

7, PLC control, easy operation for parameter set by different materials conditions.

8, low rotation speed, lower noise.

9, heavy structure, steady working.

10, cyclone system for materials discharging, less labor required

Main Techincal Parameter

Models of plastic squeezer machine:

Good Quality Plastic Squeezing Agglomerating Machine For Plastic Films

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