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Large Output WPC Board Production Line

Product Description

WPC board production line is used to produce the new decoration hollow or solid door board from wood powder, PE or PVC plastic and processing additives. With different board moulds, this wpc door production line can also be used to produce special WPC boards for furniture, kitchen cabinets and partition, etc. 

By different plastic, there are two kinds of wpc door production line, one is PE WPC board production line, the other is PVC WPC  board production line.  

100% recycled PE granules with the required technical parameter can be used for wpc door production. We will provide full support on material formula.

WPC board production line usually consists the following units:

1, SJZ80/156 or SJZ92/188 conical double screw extruder

2, calibration table

3, hauling machine

4, transverse cutter

5, roller stacker

Some auxiliary machines are necessary in the wpc board production plant, for example, wpc materials mixer and wpc granulating machine, air compressor and water chiller, etc.


Advantages of WPC board production line in MG Machinery:

1, stable and smooth extrusion.

2, uniform and high plasticizing ability.

3, good profile shaping, less waste products

4, auto protection function while overload.

5, higher automation.

6, lower power consumption.

7, strong structure.

8, long lifetime.

Main Techincal Parameter

Models of WPC board production line in MG Machinery:

High Efficiency Wood Plastic HDPE WPC Door Production Line

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