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Large Output Wet PET Bottle Label Remover Machine

Product Description

Wet PET bottle label removing machine is developed for removing the labels by paddles with knives, It works with water for flushing out the labels and dirties, both pressed and unpressed bottles can be processed. 

It can prewash the PET bottles by flushing water while the label removing. 

0.2~5L bottles can be processed on this wet label remover.

Our wet PET bottle label remover machine has been used in many pet bottle recycling plants worldwide, for example, Thailand, Ukraine, Mexico, Iran, etc.


Advantage of wet PET bottle label removing machine in MG Machinery:

1, high label removing rate,

2, wide usage for 0.2~5L PET bottles and some PE PP bottles.

3, water flushing function can prewash the bottles.

4, strong structure for steady working.

5, famous brands for motor and electrical parts, for example, SIEMENS, SIMO, SCHNEIDER,etc.

6, high automation, less labor required.

7, less power consumption but large capacity.

Main Techincal Parameter

Parameter of wet PET bottle label removing machine in MG Machinery:

◆model: LR-1000W

◆capacity: 800-1000kg/h

◆motor power: 30kw, 

◆water pump power: 3kw

◆inlet mouth size:1000*540mm

◆knives material: alloy

◆screen hole diameter: 60mm or customized.

◆water spray pipes: 2pcs

◆removable mesh convenient for cleaning.

◆ machine body is made of carbon steel

◆apparent size: 3490* 1490 * 2600mm

◆machine weight: about 2200kg


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High Quality 3 Barrel PET Bottle Label Removing Machine

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