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Low Price Single Barrel PET Bottle Label Removing Machine

Product Description

Single barrel PET bottle label removing machine is developed for removing the PVC label from the PET plastic bottles, such as mineral water bottles, cola bottles, juice bottles and oil bottles, etc. It's used for dry plastic bottles mainly, both unpressed and pressed bottles can be processed by this type of plastic bottle label remover.

The label removering machine is single barrel type, the width of processing channel can be adjusted between the rotary knives and stationary knives in the label remover. 0.3L ~ 3L bottles can be processed. 

With good efficiency label remover, It can help to improve the PET flakes in the PET bottle recycling plant and save more labor cost.  It can be used independently in the PET bottles collecting station or in the PET bottle recycling lines.

Our PET plastic bottle label removing machine has been used in many pet bottle recycling plants worldwide, for example, Thailand, India, Mexico, etc.


Advantage of single barrel PET bottle label removing machine in MG Machinery:

1, high label removing rate, up to 99%.

2, wide usage for 0.3~3L PET bottles and some PE PP bottles.

3, alloy knives with long lifetime.

4, all 3 shafts are passed good dynamic balance testing.

5, special anti-blocking mechanism in label separators.

6, strong structure for steady working.

7, famous brands for motor and electrical parts, for example, SIEMENS, SIMO, SCHNEIDER,etc.

8, high automation, less labor required.

9, less power consumption but large capacity.

Main Techincal Parameter

Models of single barrel PET bottle label removing machine in MG Machinery:

Dry Type Single Barrel PET Bottle Label Remover Machine

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